5 Secrets For Real Estate Marketing


No matter if you’re thinking about a career in real estate, or if you recently started, or, even if you’ve been in real estate for awhile and are in need of a recharge, these 5 secrets are the best way to improve the probability of your success. In addition, even though the real estate business has been around since the beginning of time, the world of real estate has definitely changed, especially because of the internet, mobility and the global economy, therefore you’ve always got to be reinventing yourself and evolving. If not, you’re definitely not growing.

Interestingly, thousands of agents out there get into the business with a lot of energy and excitement but unfortunately, never make it past 2 years. They go in and grossly overestimate how much money they can make, naively underestimate the expenses of running a business, don’t have a process, don’t incorporate any technology or tools or worse yet don’t know how or what type of goals to set. What a big mistake a formula for disaster. To know more details on SEO Agency for Real Estate check Realty DS.

I’ve even seen people get into the real estate business all gung-ho, telling all their family and friends and expecting to receive a lot of referrals from them, just to be let down because it’s just not that simple. Typically because they assume that just because they’re friends or family that they’ll be “the one” they send a referral to or buy from. They might’ve gotten a few leads but more often, those leads they were referred to already had a friend in the real estate business.

Oh, and here’s the big gotcha. How many times have I seen agents and brokers relying too heavily on advertising? Relying on a single channel is a deadly sin. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in. And just to make it harder, advertising can be expensive, unpredictable at times and create a mindset of waiting for leads to come in.

5 Tips to Grow Your Real Estate Business

No Client Is Automatic

Friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances can be an excellent source of leads for your business—especially when you’re just starting out—but it’s important to remember that no lead is an automatic client. Other agents will still be trying to win their business, and some will have scripts designed to sway prospects who were thinking about listing with a friend. Putting in the time and effort to win them over, just like you would with a prospect you didn’t already know, will be essential if you want to earn their business.

Photo Quality Matters

Whether you’re creating a blog post, preparing to post a listing, or updating your real estate website, the quality of the photos that you use can have a significant impact on the quality of your marketing. Professional-quality photography is the name of the game, whether you hire a pro or invest (often substantial) time and money learning how to do the job yourself. Using quality photos is especially true for listings because you want to show homes in their best possible light.

Content Marketing & SEO Take Time… but the Results Are Worth the Wait

No matter where you learn about real estate marketing, you’ll likely hear that content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) are keys to success. While that’s true, what you won’t always hear is that both tactics require time before you can reap the rewards. That’s why it’s so important to commit to SEO and content marketing, especially with your real estate blog. Success doesn’t happen overnight, but the results are worth the wait.For more details on Real Estate Advertising check Incmanifesto

Master a Few Social Channels Rather Than Using Them All

Social media is an excellent tool for growing your business, but there are so many social channels to choose from that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Make life easier by picking a few channels that both you and your target audience like most. Instagram and Facebook are great places to start. Focus on learning everything you can about your preferred channels and mastering them to avoid spreading yourself too thin.

Making Time for Marketing Is Key to Success

This secret may seem self-evident, but it’s a bit trickier when you’re trying to juggle marketing tasks with running your real estate business. Budgeting time for marketing tasks each day, even when you’re busy with other jobs, is one of the biggest secrets to real estate marketing success. Give your marketing as much time as you can spare, and commit to making progress each day. The same determination that helps you close deals will be vital to making the most of your real estate marketing.

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6 Quick Summer Marketing Tips For Hungry Real Estate Agents


Few seasons compare to summer when it comes to home sales. Americans are not only more inclined to move during summer, but there is no shortage of events or themes to help liven up your real estate marketing strategy when reaching out to them. Quite simply, whether your goal is to acquire new clients or retain old ones, the only limit is your own imagination. What are you doing to incorporate summertime themes into your marketing strategy?

We’ve created a checklist of summertime marketing tips for the real estate industry that will grow your business during this “hot” selling season:

Real Estate Marketing Ideas

The most successful real estate Digital Marketing Agency are always looking for ways to forge a deeper connection with their communities. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to test a fun, community-focused marketing idea, summer is a great time to put it into action.

Giving Back to the Community

During the summer, everyone loves to gather in outdoor areas like beaches, lakes, and parks to enjoy the warm weather, so why not do your part to keep those outdoor spaces beautiful? Organizing a volunteer day to help keep those outdoor areas clean is a great way to get involved with the community, introduce yourself to residents you haven’t met before, and get other agents in your office to join your summer marketing efforts.

Home Improvement & Landscaping Ideas

Summer is always a busy time for home improvement projects, and in many markets it’s also one of the best times of year for outdoor landscaping. Providing home improvement tips to help stay cool is always a winning idea, and there are few things passionate homeowners love more than creative landscaping ideas. You can share your ideas through your blog, by creating video content, or even by organizing an in-person seminar where community members can learn from the experts.

Summer Holidays

The warm weather seasons are always filled with special events, especially around big holiday weekends like Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day. Whether you do business in small towns or big cities, there will always be special events that need sponsors, supporters, volunteers, and attendees. Sponsoring an event is a great way to show the community that you care, and attending big events allows you to network, create relationships, and build your reputation in the community. To know more details on SEO Agency for Real Estate check Cidoc2015

Get Social for Summer

Whether you’re new to social media or an experienced vet, the summer provides ample opportunities to expand your social presence. Your social pages provide an easy way to keep customers up to date on all of your summer activities, including the marketing ideas we mentioned above. Attractive photo and video content are always among the most-shared on social media, so be sure to keep your camera handy when you encounter an interesting summer scene.

A Summer Newsletter

With so much going on during the summer, it can be easy to miss fun events close to home. Consider emailing a summer newsletter to keep your customers up to date on local events, and show interested shoppers why your community is such a great place to call home.

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How To Create A Digital Marketing Strategy For Optimal Growth


A market study says that approximately 46% of the brands prevailing in the market don’t have a defined digital marketing strategy, and 16% having the strategy don’t have an integrated market activity as it is supposed to be. This is the primary reason that most brands don’t reach the mass and when things aren’t in the proper format, there is no point to expect that your brand will grow to the extent you desire. But you shouldn’t be the one to repeat their mistakes.

We have jotted down 5 necessary steps that you should be taking so that your digital marketing campaigns can create an impact on the audience you are targeting.

1. Knowing the Need

Nailing the Mission:

The thing that needs to take the precedence is to define the mission of the business, and then making sure that the digital marketing campaign that you are going to run abides with your desired plan. For more info check Digital Marketing Services for Real Estate.

Set & Measure Your KPIs:

Let’s take an example: What is the objective that you are trying to accomplish so that your digital marketing plan can be put to excel those targets (for example do you want to make your company have a presence in America for being the best merchandising business)? Let this be your mission.

Set the KPIs and identify the statistics for your business that you strive to achieve.

Following a realistic approach while setting the KPIs by having an analyzing the previous digital marketing efforts in the first place- this is imperative to keeping a positive results on your measured results so that the expectations aren’t set too high to accomplish and are also realistic at the same time.

2. Past Analysis (Learn From the Mistakes Already Executed)

The planning isn’t done without facts and figures. A good analysis of your digital marketing strategy’s past success or failures may help you in focusing on setting the best KPIs for your business. This makes it important that the step one and two go hand in hand.

Choose a time period of the analysis. It may be a part year, quarter, or month.

How to Analyse:

This is the time that you are clear about which time period you are going to analyze and for the same, you need to set your Google Analytics calendar as per the same.

There are competitors too for your business. Do not forget to analyze your competitors’ strategy as well and then keep a track of their online activities.

3. Don’t Forget Who You’re Talking to

It is also important that you don’t forget the people you are trying to reach. You know your audience but sometimes the digital marketer may forget this amidst the other procedures. Rather, you will place your audience in priority when it comes to your digital marketing strategy, and cater to their needs. This is only possible if the planning goes well. Developing the right strategy for the target audience and fulfilling their desires is what your purpose is to flourish your business, listen with curiosity so that nothing has been missed out which is imperative.

Develop Useful Personas:

Starting with the basics is always a good idea. Gather all the demographic information like age, location, and gender.

The next thing that follows is to identify the problems that you can solve with your business and of course strategy..

Get into their emotional needs, their goals, desires, and fears and keep all of them documented so that you have them all tracked and you can do an analysis on the same.

There are no challenges that you cannot overcome To know more details on Real Estate Online Marketing Agency check Cidoc2015

4. Identify Your Means (Do not go over the Budget)

There are three things that are important in the identification of the means namely: the budget you set, the digital channels and the team. It is imperative to keep a track of all of the resources before you decide on the other things that maybe needed for the next time frame.

Ways to Identifying Your Means:

Your Budget:

Make sure that the overall digital marketing budget has been set and is with you to put to use.

Have a look at the historical data and understand what has worked before and what didn’t go well in place. This will help you know what specific channels have got good leads to you at budget friendly rates. You can also go for paid promotions like Google Adwords or maybe promotions on social media.

Allocation of the Budget

Now you need to allocate a specific budget to each digital channel that you want to use for the promotion of your brand. (Get into the analytics to assess the cost efficient ways to reach out to the maximum leads)

Look into the certain strategies or elements that aren’t working out the way to desired and revise them immediately. Invest in the channel that gets you the best results and allocate a budget to the same.

Your People:

Make sure that you keep a check on your team and evaluate who is achieving the target. At the same time, it is also mandatory that the people who are working are not being over stretched. Review of the team members and their digital marketing activities is also important. Do not forget to brainstorm some ideas for their coming campaign.

Your Channels:

Make sure that you review the digital marketing channels you have chosen and decide whether they are getting the desired results. This will help you analyze which channels are to be kept and which ones need further investments.

Clear understanding of the goals of what each digital channel is trying to fetch is also important. Keep one KPI attached to every digital channel you are working upon.

5. Make the Plan (But Don’t Stick to It)

This means that not every assumption that was made is correct and hence making a digital marketing plan is important, but sticking to it is not.

No matter you took every efforts and care to predict and analyze the behavior of the audient, but there is no certainty in anything and your customers may behave differently. This is hence essential to continuously measure the results of the digital marketing strategy you have been working upon and to change the same as and when needed.


This bull run is for the millennial: Sharekhan

S Vijaykrishnan

If you are a millennial, this is the time to start investing in stock markets. Why? With a new job and a fat pay cheque every month, you feel richer with every spend you make. A credit card or personal loan is not the way out. As your spends stack up, you lose your way in the financial jungle. Let us show you a way out: ride the Bull to emerge a winner.

Now is the time to start

If you are still wary of investing in the stock markets, consider this: the Sensex and Nifty have risen by almost 13-18 percent so far in 2017. They are now correcting, as they continue to struggle with GST, a weak economy and poor corporate results. That, however, should not dishearten you; this dip in stock markets is just the time to begin and what better occasion than Diwali?

Early birds earn more

If you think it’s too early to start investing in the capital markets, think again! The ‘early bird’ adage is apt for millennials eyeing the market. Assuming you are 35 years old, let us assess how delaying investments affects you. If you had started investing Rs 2,000 a month at the age of 20, in an equity mutual fund (growth plan), your current corpus would have grown by five times to Rs 17.8 lakh, on an investment of Rs 3.6 lakh. By contrast, if you had started investing the same amount in a similar fund at age 25, the delay of five years would have shrunk your corpus to Rs 5.79 lakh, on an investment of Rs 2.4 lakh. Thus, the earlier you begin, the better.

A plethora of options

If you are a beginner, opt for a host of mutual funds — diversified equity funds, debt funds and balanced funds. If you need money at short-term intervals, you can opt for liquid funds that offer better returns than FDs and allow easy redemption. Mutual funds are an easier way of investing in equities, as they spread your investment (and risk) across a range of stocks. For higher returns, you could try investing in direct equity.

“Young investors with a better risk appetite can easily park bulk of their savings in equity, either through the mutual fund route or through direct equity. If you are looking to create wealth in the long term, you can benefit from Sharekhan’s offerings such as Top Picks and Power Portfolio. Top Picks comprises a set of 10-12 well-researched companies with sustainable businesses, in which you can invest a lump sum amount at one go and start an SIP, simultaneously. Similarly, Power Portfolio is a basket of stocks — mostly large-caps — that are actively managed. Both Top Picks and Power Portfolio have consistently outperformed benchmark indices,” says Gaurav Dua, Head – Research, Sharekhan.

IPOs: Good entry points, but tread carefully

With initial public offerings (IPOs) headed for a record year in 2017 — total issuances are estimated to cross USD 5 billion mark this year — it is natural that you are prompted to try your luck with every issue. However, the success or failure of an IPO does not depend solely on the listing day gains. You must study the draft prospectus carefully, keeping an eye on three things: the issuer’s business model, its debt levels and its past financials.

Overall, this may be a good time to take a plunge in the stock markets. Focus and consistency may yield the pearls that you hope for.


Source: MoneyControl